Providing a safe
harbor for children

in Lexington County since 1972

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Welcome to the Nancy K. Perry Children’s Shelter

Since its founding in 1972, the Nancy K. Perry Children’s Shelter has provided safe harbor for thousands of children in Lexington County. Their stories are often horrific; most suffered abuse, neglect, or abandonment at the hands of those whom they trusted most.

Here they found shelter— and so much more. A home environment filled with love, kindness, and gentle guidance. The security of a family-like atmosphere, headed by houseparents who live in the facility. School, church, medical attention, and counseling. These children need so much.

Our Vision
We believe that all children can thrive and find success when the right environment is created.
Our Mission
To provide a safe and nurturing family-style environment for children who are in crisis allowing them an opportunity to heal and grow

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Invisible Tears

Like fragile ships
In a raging storm…
Living real life nightmares
With no hope of dawn.
Crying on the inside
Endless rivers of tears…
Victims living in sadness
Throughout the long years.
A legacy of suffering
We must work to end…
As the silent cries for help
and the invisible tears.

Dedicated to the victims of child sexual abuse

Written By Karl A. Oglesby, Sr.
Book: Victory Is Grace!

There are items the Shelter always needs. If you care to donate one
or more things please call us at 803.359.8595.