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The Nancy K. Perry Children’s Shelter uses PayPal, Venmo, CashApp and Clearent as our online donation methods as we believe these are the most secure methods available and do not require you, the donor, to disclose any personal financial information to us. The small charge we pay to use these systems is less than what credit card companies charge and we believe best protects our donors. If you’d like to donate directly to the shelter online please click one of the Donate buttons below. Thank you so much!
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In-Kind Donation Drives

There are items the Shelter always needs. If you care to donate one or more things, please call us at 803.359.8595. However, if you’re looking to run a donation drive, why not turn it into a theme?

Fun Ideas for In-Kind Gift Drives
  • Undergarment Drive - The Shelter is always in need of clean, new undergarments for teens.
  • Gift Card Drive- The Shelter can always use gift cards for the children we serve for fun treats, activities, trips or shopping trips.
  • Arts and Crafts Drive– Activities keep the kids busy after school while helping to develop their creativity, motor skills and confidence. (canvas/paper, paints, art supplies)
  • Beauty Drive – Sometimes a little grooming goes a long way towards making a girl feel special. Help teenage girls in the Shelter by having a fun donation drive for much-desired beauty products. (Make-up, lashes, nail polish)
  • Food Drive – Feeding 14 kids a day is no small feat! A good way to help the Shelter offset costs is to do a grocery drive. Have everyone in your group be in charge of a different item, which they can buy when they go to the grocery store for their own families.
  • Back to School Drive – This is an excellent drive to do in August/September. The children who stay at the Shelter go to school and get help with their homework from staff. The Shelter supplies them with whatever items their school requires so that they may have the best learning experience possible.
  • Healthy & Happy Drive -First Aid supplies and other health prevention items are in constant rotation as is our need to replace those items. You can combine this drive for all the drug store items with the grocery drive if you wish. All medicines (i.e. Neosporin, cough medicine, Ibuprofen, etc.) must be unopened.

These are just a few ideas so feel free to come up with your own theme. Contact us to find out what might be needed most when you’re ready to begin!

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The Shelter needs volunteers to do all kinds of service for the children. Needs range from supervising children, taking them on field trips, giving parties, helping with homework, and many other activities.

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There are items the Shelter always needs. If you care to donate one
or more things please call us at 803.359.8595.